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Open Golf Competitions in Manchester

Senior Open Golf Competitions at Bury Golf Club in Manchester

Aged 50+? Enter our Senior Open Golf Competitions

Bury Golf Club, a well-respected institution in the heart of Manchester, proudly presents its Senior Open Golf Competitions, a series of tournaments dedicated to golfers aged 50 and above. From humble beginnings in the early years to becoming one of the most anticipated events in the golfing calendar, the Senior Open Competitions showcase the camaraderie and competitiveness found amongst our seasoned players.

Senior Open Golf Competitions - how they have evolved

Over the years, the competitions have seen some significant changes, further enhancing the playing experience. But one thing remains consistent – the spirit of competition and the love for golf that permeates every corner of our verdant fairways.

The Distinct Features of Senior Open Golf Competitions

Challenging Yet Accessible Course Design

Each hole in the Bury Golf Club course has been meticulously designed with golfers of all abilities in mind. The layout presents a fair challenge, rewarding strategic thinking and precision. Yet, the course remains accessible, with varying tee lengths catering to differing skill levels. Thus, both seasoned golfers and novices find themselves on an equal playing field.

Designed in 1920, by the esteemed Dr Alister Mackenzie (the very same gentleman who designed Augusta National), Bury Golf Club features a number of his signature 2-tiered greens and is a testament to his innovative design ideas and artistic flair. More information and the story of how Dr Alister Mackenzie crafted our timeless golf course can be read, here.

Diverse Range of Competitions

From stroke play tournaments to stableford competitions, singles and team events, there's a game format to suit everyone's taste in our Senior Open Golf Competitions. Some golfers relish the prolonged tension of a stroke play event, while others thrive in team formats. Moreover, each year, the club varies the formats, ensuring that the tournaments remain fresh and exciting.

Getting Involved in the Senior Open Golf Competitions

Registration Process

Participation in the Senior Open Golf Competitions is a breeze. Interested golfers can sign up through the our website, where you can choose the preferred competition format and pay the entry fees online. Once registered, participants will receive an email with all the necessary information about the tournament dates, tee times, and competition rules.

The Unique Atmosphere of the Senior Open Golf Competitions

Camaraderie Amongst Competitors

The atmosphere during the Senior Open Golf Competitions is electrifying. The air buzzes with friendly competition, yet the underlying spirit of camaraderie is palpable. Golfers cheer on their fellow competitors, offering words of encouragement and celebrating each other's victories, truly embodying the sportsmanship that defines the game of golf.

Celebrating Success in the Senior Open Golf Competitions


Each Senior Open Competition concludes with a triumphant winner. However our prize table typically rewards the first 5 places, with additional prizes for best visitor score, best member score and a rewarding 2's section. Winners are honoured with vouchers that can be spent in our pro shop, or can be sent to a PGA professional of your choosing; awarding you flexibility on where you can spend your prize.

Stories of Previous Winners

Every winner of the Senior Open Golf Competitions carries a unique story of perseverance, skill, and passion. From triumphant victories to nail-biting playoffs, the past winners' experiences serve as inspiration for all golfers. They remind us that golf is more than just a game; it's a lifelong journey of learning, improving, and, above all, enjoying every moment on the green.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age requirement for the Senior Open Golf Competitions?

The Senior Open Golf Competitions are open to golfers aged 50 and above. (Selected Open Competitions are available to golfers aged 55+)

How can I register for the competitions?

Registration for the competitions can be done through our website.

What is the format of the competitions?

The competitions take place in a variety of formats, including stroke play and stableford.

Do I need to be a member of Bury Golf Club to participate?

While club members are automatically eligible, we welcome non-members to participate in our competitions.

Are there handicap restrictions for the competitions?

Handicap restrictions vary depending on the specific competition. Details can be found on the competition announcement.

What awards are presented at the competitions?

We honour the top performers with trophies, and all participants receive a commemorative item to mark their participation.

Senior Open Golf Competitions Conclusion

Join us at Bury Golf Club and immerse yourself in our celebrated Senior Open Golf Competitions. Whether you're competing or simply spectating, there's always something to enjoy in these exciting golf tournaments. Come and be part of our golfing legacy.

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