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21 November 2023

Winter League - Week 6 Results - 19/11/2023

Mick's Report...

Apologies for the delay in Sending - I was waiting for Information

I hope you have all now dried off after yesterday, well those that where daft enough like our 4 ball to stay out in those conditions - and as much as I would like to have a go at those that walked in, you cant really as it was probably the most sensible thing to do given the circumstances.

Kev Stout Steve Olive (Vice Captain) One pairing who are certainly glad they stayed out were our winners on the day, Kev Stout and our Vice Captain, Steve Olive (as per picture left), who amassed 76 points over the 15 Holes - 52 points on the Front 9 and 24 on the back 9 - 12 points on the 4th and 12 on the 18th certainly helped the overall total - which with Multiplier is key, they could even afford to blob 7 and 14!! Their fine form on the day also helped them Beat Trev and Steve in the Jones Jug - However when they see that they lost a staggering 6.8 and 4.5 shots, they may have wished they would have walked in! Runners up on the day were Flanny / Macca with 75 points - 50 Front 9 and 25 Back 9 - Flanny chipped in on the 2nd from the 3rd fairway for a 2, which should have been worth more than the £5.67 it netted them both - However I am sure the further reduction of 2.5 each will be more of a surprise. Nice to see the new pairing of Alan 'Les' Battersby and Neil Winstanley up there this week with a fine 73 points - well done lads.

I know a few had to redo cards yesterday and the most got it right, even though our Kid thought that 36+30 equaled 76, the majority of you remembered to put your Handicaps on and sign - one was incorrect and duly DQ'd and another just had the stableford points on - again it was another DQ. I take no pleasure in issuing a DQ and even though a part of me thinks its winter does it matter, the bigger part (and that's BIG) knows you have to abide by the rules of Golf no matter what time of year it is, and all points accumulated by pairs have to be right, as it affects the league position and prizes at the end of the league.

Please ensure you check your WL handicaps on either the Results page or separate Handicap Page - Any errors let me know.

Thanks to Marshy and Mark H for their kind early Christmas contribution yesterday, myself and my Neighbour 'Concerned of Hopwood' - Ed Jones' kindly accept all donations. I had to have a giggle and bank the fact, that after 2 Holes, Marshy Blobbed and they had no score, Mark simply said 'If I new I was going to carry all day, I would have left my Trolley at Home'

Thanks again to those who played their knockouts yesterday - Most of you can now see who your next opponent is in each knockout (as per the attached draw sheets) you have until the 31st December to play this, however please bear in Mind that Sunday 3rd December there is No WL due to this Sunday being allocated to a Club Turkey Shoot, Sunday 10th is a Foursomes Format (you wont be able to play Matchplay, but can play best card) - that leaves the 17th, 24th and 31st to play your Matchplay.

Well what does the weather week have in store for us these next few days, we need a few days without rain if possible.......... Please.

Have a Great week - Fingers crossed for this weekend

Best Regards - Kex


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