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31 October 2023

Winter League - Week 3 Results - 30/10/2023

Mick's Report...

Well Week 3 was a relative uneventful one, other than Bomber trying to save DB a few quid and trying to put a new bunker on the slope on the right of the 16th Green, doing an impression of Mr Tumble and ended up on his posterior - always good for a 'Chuckle' is our Bomber - just a Pity I do not have a Photo of it to share with you - Please feel free to take any photo's any week and I will use them in the report - as the Camera never Lies.

Well this weeks winners were Ted Hall and his Sub Wayne Maddocks with 40 Points - Wayne was subbing for Mike Lonsdale, who was seen in the clubhouse afterwards, not looking to happy that a scouser had stolen 2 shots from him, and he never knew anything about it - that's it with Mickie's, you just never know - seriously well played both - enjoy the 4 and 3 shot loss - and Mike never mind, I am sure Ted will maybe share his £74 winnings - but he only has dollars after his recent 'Love Trip' to the USA. In 2nd place came the pairing of James Adler and Paul Davis (Laffy) with 39  points - now keep your eye on this pair through the season, as they can shoot consistent scores and were not far away from the Title last year - Just A DQ cost them badly.

The Captain and Gaz have had a great start to the year, as they have not yet finished outside the top 3 - however the Handicaps are dwindling, so lets see how they fair over the coming weeks. My 'Ole Shipmate' border has a new lease of life without me and is enjoying his time with Phil, as they finished third this week, but again handicaps are dwindling - But good to them both this year, as I will be rooting for you.

Thanks to Big Adam for his company on Sunday, and also to Morecambe and the Grease Monkey, who moaned his way round again and lost another shot - no slipping under the radar this year for you two - needless to say, still Favs to win the League - but may find it harder on 4 and +2 - time will tell.

A note on Handicaps and apologies for the confusion this last weekend - I have adjusted a few scores as I changed quite a few that had been incorrect - The handicaps are now fully up to date, and I ask you to look at the results sheet under 'New H/C' column and that will show your exact handicap, which you either Round up or down - Example 12.4 is rounded down to 12 - 12.5 is rounded up to 13. The handicap on the day is to be used in any Match-Play games - and it is the full difference. You have already been deducted 15%  at the beginning of the WL - so if you had a Course Handicap of 16 - you were reduced by 15% (2.4) giving you an exact of 13.6 - which was rounded up to 14 which became your WL handicap. If you play then your handicap will change every single week, so please keep your eye on what you are - you are responsible for making sure it is right - if Craig does the cards and they are incorrect, change them yourself, Any issues let me know.

2's this week paid £4.11 to each player and this should have been credited to your club account - please check - but give the office until the end of the week.

Thanks to all who sorted their Knockouts, quite a few games settled on Sunday - Please make arrangements to play your KO asap please - contact me for details of your opponents and let me know when its arranged for.

I am due to sit down with the chairman this week and discuss the possible option of Shot Gun Starts - Personally I would rather not have them, as I know a few are not in favour - and looking at numbers and factoring in 15 Holes, then I think we may get away with not having any, but lets see.

This coming Sundays Format will be 4BBB Medal over 15 holes - with holes 10 and 14 the only counting Par 3's


Have a Great Week - Kex

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Jones Jug Match-Play KO
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