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23 October 2023

Winter League - Week 2 Results - 23/10/2023

Mick's Report...

Good Morning All

Well glad to see that 'Babet' never interfered with the WL on Sunday, however there was a Tornado called 'Burke North' that completely blew the rest of the field away with their score of 45 - Followed by the Explosive pair of 'Bomber and his new partner Guy 'Fawkes' Hamer with their 47.  I am delighted to see that the Reductions this week have been nothing short of Brutal, with our winners losing 3.5 and 4.4 respectively and the runners up losing 4.0 and 2.5 - which includes the 2 shots Reduction for winning and 1 shot for runners up, but hopefully the £74 each for winning and £37 for 2nd spot softens the blow a little.

By the way that’s a “Ex Swinton park lads” Back to Back Wins With Jim and Adam winning last week – So can Rafa and Yozzer make it 3 on the ‘TROT’ (For those who know Rafa, they will understand the link to ‘Trot’ and it has nothing to do with the toilet)

Congratulations to the 'Errol' Boys - Lewis Google Errol Flynn - as they were the only pair to record a Two on a counting Par 3, and pocket £37 each. All monies won this week will be placed on your Club account to go against Subs - as previously stated I will put the money here until the Pro is up and running and you all have accounts with him.

I overthought the SS and after a chat with the font of all knowledge (Tim Whitehead), I decided to amend it for this week and going forward and amended this to 57 - so those shooting less than that have been deducted and those shooting above increased.

Thanks to all those who played their KO's in best Card this weekend, and those who have made arrangements to play this coming weekend and on the 5th - Please try to arrange your KO's asap - message me for details of your opponents if you do not have them. Remember for Matchplay KO's ensure the format will allow you to play - If you have to arrange your KO and your partner is away, then you will have to play it on your own, however your opponents may nominate that only one of them play you head to head, but they do not have to if winning means that much to them!!

This Sundays Format is good old Traditional 4BBB S/ford

Some of you will have seen the Heads up from our Chief 'Grasscutter' Dave Berry (DB and not to be confused with Bomber who would rather be cutting up Food) regarding essential Greens work and the use of Temp / Frost Greens and the red Circle - I will keep you posted whilst he will be laid on his back in Barbados, and you poor lads battle against the elements!


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