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2 January 2024

Winter League Results Week 9 - 31-12-2023

Mick's Report...

Happy New Year.

Congratulations to the Captain and Gaz hall (78 Points - 57 Front and 21 back 9's respectively) this week as they took the First Prize and the 15 points (and a 4 shot loss apiece) on offer to firmly cement their standing at the top of the league and go into the the new year with a healthy 12 points lead over their nearest rivals Paul Wilcock and Dave Jolley, who ironically came 2nd on Sunday (76 Points - 58 Front and 18 back 9's respectively). Your accounts (Be that in the office to go against Subs, or with James / Craig in the Pro shop) will be credited at some point this week.

Winter League Admin Craig CuthbertSadly I have no pictures on file of the Winners, so this week I thought I would give a little recognition to Craig Cuthbert, who does more work behind the scenes than some may realise. He wont thank me for this, but hey credit where it's due to the 'Bertie Magoo' - Thanks Craig.

Well done to Daz Grundy (2@ the 1st) and Cosmo (2@ the 15th) who were the only players to get a 2 this week, and pocketed £16 each for themselves and their partners on the day.

The Wiselow Qtr Final draw was completed on Sunday - and I now ask you arrange your Best Card KO ASAP - If you can play this over the next 3 weeks I would be grateful, I know at least one of them may have to wait until the last week, which is not an issue now we are at the latter end of the Knockouts. Your Matchplay can only be played on the 14th or the 21st - so please look at arranging - next weeks format will not permit you to play Matchplay as it is Foursomes.

This week there was a Plethora of subs used by players, and as is the case every year they play a massive part in making the WL work as well as it does, as it allows you the player to take the odd week out, coz your partner is doing your Box in, or the wife (Partner) needs you to take them shopping, go away ect, I would just like to thank them all for making themselves available - even when the weather is not the best.

You will notice that there was a DQ this week, and this was purely down to an incorrect gross score being recorded by the Marker, and not being checked by the Player/s - it cost them 8 points on the day and that loss may seriously ruin their chances of retaining the Title - only time will tell for Mr Daniels and Mr Bullard - CHECK YOUR CARD

Please Note now that you can access your 2's account in the Pro Shop with James / Craig as long as you have the App 'Xcaddie' - If you do not have this, then I suggest you download it, or get James / Craig to show you -  Nice to see another Pro showing full transparency.

Next week will see us pass the halfway mark in the League - and due to cancellations, we are now down to 19 weeks of play meaning your best 14 scores will count towards your final Score. In the event of a Tie for the Championship, this will be done on countback - so it will go to best 13 scores, then 12 ect until a winner can be found.

I have attached the Formats, which are now confirmed for January - Those in Feb and March are not yet confirmed, as circumstances may change.

Well I guess its back to work Tomorrow for most of us and another Year begins - On a personal note in the Kelly / King Family, we await the Birth of a new addition, which we hope will be over the next 24 / 48 hours - my Fifth Granddaughter) , but more importantly Sandra's first on her side of the family - to say she is excited is an understatement - so 2024 starts on a positive note for me and Sandra as I hope it does for you all.

Best Regards - See you soon on the Wrong Fairway



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