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4 March 2024

Winter League Results Week 15 - 03/03/2024

Mick's Report...

Jude (Junior Captain) Stuart BrownGood Morning - Our Winners this week with a Great Score of 73 were Stuart and Jude (Immediate past Junior Captain) Brown (Pictured Left) - and I am sure Mrs Brown will be very happy, with her Boys this week taking home the spoils and the 15 points which takes them into the Top 6 in the league. The shot loss of 3.7 each may put paid to them getting any higher, however you never know, but well done to you both. in Second place where Eamon and Phil Rawlinson (Subbing for Nutty) with 68, again another great score - now as they beat me and 'Twev ' by a Point, I am unsure as to whether that was because of Eamons 3/4 on the last or the fact i 4 stabbed 15 - much to Si and Morecambe's amusement, as I had actually just explained what a 'Kit-Kat' was and then showed them!!

On the Knockout Front, the winners of the best card final were Willy / DJ who beat TJ and Finny - this was more to the fact that TJ and Finny marked their card wrong, by Both scoring on the Middle 6 and playing betterball on the last 6 holes, when in fact they should have done the complete opposite!

In the Match-Play Final, Bomber and Guy triumphed over Hair Flick and Passport2, beating them on the 1st Extra hole. Congratulations to both winners of the respective Finals and commiserations to the losers. It is a bit late now but please make sure you read the formats, and as I have said many times, the headers on BRS are a Guide only, as they will change and not be updated.


If you got a 2 yesterday then these where worth £15 per 2 - £7.50 each, and Craig will update your accounts in the Pro Shop and exchange  in to Rowlands Rupees.

On the League Front, then Willy / DJ put one hand on the Trophy this weekend by bettering their worst score of 6 with an 8, therefore making their Score 104 - a 9 point lead over their nearest Rivals Macca / Flanny. In reality 4 of the chasing  pairs can still win the Trophy, as long as Willy / DJ do not improve their overall total - Macca and Flanny need to win Sunday which will give them a total of 105 - The Chairman and Marshy Need to win this week which will give them a total of 106 - Gaz Hall needs to Win and that will give them 104 (and after working out that this will then be a tie Gaz will have a better Count back with 11 Rounds) - Defending Champs Si and Morecambe also have to win, giving them a total of 104 (and after working out that this will then be a tie they will have a better Count back with 11 Rounds). All the above scenarios go out the window if Willy / DJ improve by 3 points and get to 107 - So are we to see the 'Chamberlain / Sladen' situation arise again, and see a pair from the top 5 shoot their lights out and the leaders crumble? We shall find out Sunday - Good luck to you all.

We shall be paying out the top 10 pairings in the WL again this year. We shall need to fill 1 more Footy card on Sunday and the pot will be £1,320, which will all be paid back out. I just need Willy to get me a price for the Engraving of the Trophies and then I can work out the Distribution. The Knockout Winners will each receive £50 and the runners up £25 Vouchers. All vouchers can be used to go on your Subs, or exchanged to Rowlands Rupees.

This coming Sundays Format will be 'Fruity Foursomes' - It is explained on the attached Format for the day - This will be a Shot Gun Start at 9.30am, please be early and go and see Craig in the shop for your Cards and payment, the draw for tees is also attached, and I will put this on WhatsApp - do not be turning up at 9.20!! Any issues then please let me know in the first instance.

I may have to alter Tees between now and Then, as at present holes 11,12,13 will be closed - But Dave may amend that - watch this space. There are no pairs teeing off on 7 and 8 - but we do have 4 Double Tees at 1,4,6 and 9 - Thanks to Morecambe who did the Draw - so you can give him the Grief I normally get lol.

Please watch out for any updates on WhatsApp during the course of the next week - And I would ask you all to please attend the Presentation to support all the winners from the latest WL.

Finally the WL would like to pay their respects to 'Crossy' who tragically left us the other week, may he now Cut and Stripe the Fairways up above and RIP.

Best Regards


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Best Card Winners
Handicaps for Final Week
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Format for Final Week
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