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31 January 2024

Winter League Results Week 12 - 28-01-2024

Mick's Report...

Dear All Good afternoon

Apologies for the late post of the results this week, just a little bit busier than normal at work, alas i know you are not interested in that, only the below and the attachments.

Mark Howarth Ian Marsh

Well our winners this week with a Nett 48 where Mark Howarth and Ian Marsh (See attached picture with Mark on the left, just in case you didn't know who Ian Marsh was). Well All I can say is after all the whinging and moaning about being so low and not being able to Compete, well guess what Mark?, i told you I would get you near to single handicap lol - and you need to take a leaf out of Marshy's book and just get on with playing - just in case you didn't know he is over 70 ya know. In second place this week and Stripping Mr Morris and Holt of another £5, were Alan 'Les' Battersby and Neil Winstanley with a score of 50 (I will get a name for Neil when I sit back and think about it) with 50, beating Jordy and Finny on a CPO by way of a better back 9. It was a good weekend for Jordy and Finny, as they firstly beat Abbot (Danny) and Costello (Steve) in the Qtr Final Best Card KO - and they also beat Border and Phil in the Semi - Final of the Best Card (First time we have have a double header in the Best Cards) and marched into the Final, and they now await the winners of the Grudge Match Between Willy / DJ V Phil Mac / Andy H - which will be played this coming Sunday and the Final of the Best card is arranged for Sunday 11th February - thanks to all in this for their co-operation over the last few weeks.

By the way Mr Morris and Holt are now on the 'Rent a Win Week' Rota, so if anybody wants to specifically rent them for a week, the cost is 50p per man, and you are guaranteed to win at Least £4.50 - I see the President and Concerned of Hopwood have the privilege this Sunday.

This coming Sundays Format will be played from the Red Blocks on all Tees and the Par and Stroke Indices are to be used from these tees and not the usual ones from the White / Yellow tees - please make sure you take that on board before you go out and play on Sunday. Make sure the card you have is the 'Mens Scorecard' and not the 'Ladies one'. There are 7 Par 3's on this card and no Par 5'S. I think it will help if there are lines drawn down the Par / Indices of the White / Yellow and Blue Columns, just to make it that bit clearer, I will ask Craig if he can do it for you.

2's this week were worth £8 each and have been converted in to Rowlands Rupees (As long as you have a Pro Shop account - all these will be credited tomorrow by Craig)

I did send a message out earlier this week to ask you all to check your Club accounts to ensure you had been receiving the Credit to your account, as I know due to sickness they have been understaffed and other items to address as a priority, especially coming up to the AGM.

Speaking of the AGM, I wish all those standing for re-election and those standing for election the best of luck.

The Pro gets pride of place this week in the Featured Image, I hope you have all made yourself known to him and helped him settle in.

I wish you all good luck this coming weekend in the Strange game of golf you will play saturday, especially as it will be set up by DB with a few eventful twists - Good luck to you all.

Finally thanks for the support for Boyleys memorial day on Sunday 25th February - This is now full, and we are generating a subs list for it - More information will be posted via Club Communication platforms over the next 3 weeks

Please see all attached information regarding Handicaps / Results / League Table / Format / Subs / Knockouts

Best Regards - Kex

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Result Week 12
League Table - 12 weeks
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