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8 January 2024

Winter League Results Week 10 - 07-01-2024

Mick's Report...

Good afternoon All

Well after the DQ last week, for which Si obviously blames Markham, as he dropped him this week and got Gaz Clarke in as a sub (when i bumped in to Gaz in the Pro shop I wasnt sure if Gaz was going for a Run or Golfing) , which turned out to be a stroke of Genius as they won this week, coming out on top of a 5 Way CPO with 53 courtesy of having 21 on the back 9 - Even though Si Dropping Markham is purely a lie on my behalf as he cried off with a Bad back Saturday Night and as fortune would have it Gaz had let me know he was available earlier in the week, everything happens for a reason, or so they say.

The above could of been so much different if the Pair finishing in Second Place, had putted better - The pairing had 22 on the back 9 however i had this message from Mr McDonald about his partner Mr Hirst "I was putting my wedge back into my bag after chipping to 5 Inches on the 15th, and as I turned around Andy was stood behind the Flag (Thinking he could hide no doubt) I could not believe a single handicap golfer could miss it with a Putter in his Hand - A cucumber maybe" - just don't mention it please and keep it to yourself. On the plus side for them, they have now progressed to the Semi-Final of the Best Card KO, after beating the Flynns (Dad / Lad). Has anybody else sorted their Knockouts out as you only have this coming sunday and the following to play them

Other pairings who had 53 - Nashy and Cosmo (24 Back 9) - Wilber and DJ (25 Back 9)- Shaun and John (27 Back 9) - I think the winning score surprised me as I expected to see a lower score than that winning.

I am hoping there was no confusion yesterday as some may have been under the impression that it was alternate shots throughout yesterday, so may have go the Teeing off wrong on the last few holes. Foursomes is an alternate shot on each hole and not alternate shots throughout - that is Fruity Foursomes. The Main clue was the fact that you pre pick who tees off the Odd and who tees off the even and as explained in the 'Format' for the day, it quite clearly states that - so I hope the person who took the Even numbered holes to tee off, did so on 16 and 18 - if you did not follow this then let me know, and I will have to DQ you and alter the result.

Special Mention to Alan Lyons who played to 6 Today as a card marker for Spike and Chaz - Pity Mr Finnegan didn't take him on as a sub, thanks for at least marking their Card today Alan. Thanks To Big Adam as well for going out and marking the Card for Raffa / Tony C - due to The Handicap Secretary letting him down big time - I will be avin Words Big Man

Just an observation out there yesterday and that was the Rope was down on the path on the 14th, hopefully all golfers took the diversion up to the left and around the left of the 14th Green? If they are still out there and evident, even though the rope is down they are there to be followed and not ignored.

I hope you all have a Great Week - see attachments below for all you need to know

Regards Kex


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