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12 February 2024

Winter League Result Week 14 - 02-11-2024

Mick's Report...

Morning All

Good luck to our Vice Captain, Steve Olive (Pictured in the Featured Picture - Not the best , who tonight becomes our Captain for 2024-25 and also to Kev Speight who becomes our Vice Captain - May I wish you both the very best for your coming year/ years in office.

Busy day today and week to follow at work, so I thought I would surprise you all with early post of the results - bit like yesterday with the with the 6th Tee Blocks!! Apologies for the Confusion with this i will take the Grief for this on the Chin and wont throw Greens under the Bus, as me and Dave did speak about Holes Closed and Tee positions on Friday, however unbeknown to us both the Red Blocks had been placed further up 6 than anticipated, my message Saturday was given as thinking both sets of Blocks would be on the Ladies Tee (if we can say that nowadays) - so apologies from me as its my shift, and it should be right - and it was not!!

Anyway moving on from the above, our winners of the 4BBB 'Guess the Tee' Medal comp were Dave Slingsby / Mark Thorneycroft with a Nett 43 - 21 going out and 22 coming back, great knock really from a Newly formed pair at the beginning of the WL. Runners up on the day were Steve Kelsall and Trevor Wisdom with their 45 Nett, out in 24 and back in 21, another good knock, but just not enough. I am just happy that the winners and runners up would have been the same with the 6th Hole in play, as both pairs recorded a 4 for 3. I have added the adjustment to everybody's score on the results sheet and apart from maybe the odd one, the scores would have been pretty much the same as the results state.

There where 7 2's recorded this week on 10 and 14 - a couple had been recorded at 17 and 1 at the First - £4.57 per 2. Can you make sure any 2 recorded is identified on the card by way of circling it or recording the hole in the 2's box on the bottom left of the card.

In the Match-Play Semi Final 'Hair Flick' and 'Passport 2' beat Willy and DJ and booked their place in Next Sundays Final v Bomber and Guy Fawkes. That result ended Willy and DJ's chance of winning the Treble, but they are still on for the Double - which I think will be a First if it happens. In respect of the Best Card Final yesterday, and after speaking to both pairs, it has been decided to cancel this and it has now moved to Sunday 3rd March - it was the fairest and only decision that could be made considering the Circumstances.

Knocking off has now begun, and you may notice that certain cells on the league table are 'Purple' - This signifies that this score has been dropped from your best 13 scores, and each week your lowest score will be dropped (Only if it is bettered of course - if it is not bettered then the '0' recorded does not become one of your lowest scores) - some players had not played 13 rounds so there score recorded yesterday has been added to their overall score (Macca / Flanny being a prime example of this). Willy and DJ currently hold a 6 point lead over Macca and Flanny, with their Lowest scores being '1' Point, but their Next lowest is 6 - Macca and Flanny now have a '2' to drop and their next lowest is a 5. 11 Points off the lead are Marshy and Mark H, who still have a '0' and a '1' to drop. 12 points off the lead are last years Chaps, Si and Morecambe who have a '0' and a '2' to drop - So as per normal, its impossible to call and I would not rule anybody out who are in the top 8 - as Berry / Hamer are a massive 21 points behind, but have 2 x '0' to drop - Who will the winner of the Inaugural 'Dave Boyle Memorial Trophy' Be? To Be Continued......................

Have a Good week

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