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11 March 2024

Winter League Final Week

Mick's Report...


Winter League Winners

Good Morning All

Well the curtain came down yesterday on another WL, with the Presentation to all the Winners / Runners up in our Knockouts and of course to our Top ten in the league. The Role of Honour is attached below which also shows the pay out / distribution of the fund.

The picture on the left shows a Picture of the Presentation party (From the Left, Dave Jolley, Mr President, Mr Captain, Mike Boyle (Dave Boyles Son), Paul Wilcock, Garry Shoreman, and some Fat Lad Photo Bombing). Paul Wilcock / Dave Jolley are shown receiving the 'Dave Boyle Memorial Winter League Trophy' as the Inaugural Winners of the Trophy, which had been Kindly Donated to the Winter League by Garry Shoreman (The Finest 'Waterfoot Crystal' ever), in all serious it is literally a 'Cut' above the Average 'Glass Trophy' you will see - and I have asked the Winners to bring it back so it can be displayed in our Trophy Cabinet at the Club - Plus I don't want willy dropping it. I was cleaning it yesterday morning in the Kitchen, and i  accidentally knocked it, but the once 'Safest hands in Soccer' rolled back the years - the heart skipped a beat though I can tell you! It was fitting to have Mike there to present it, as I hope he is there for many years to come to present the wonderful Trophy to the winners (Thanks to Richie for the Presentation party / Winners Picture)

The main picture is that of the Double Champs this Year, as Willy and DJ sit Proudly with the 'Dave Boyle Memorial Winter League Trophy' and the best Card 'Wiselow Trophy' - Congratulations to them both, and an Early Birthday present for Willy as I understand he turns 70 in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately we do not have a Photo of Bomber and Guy who won the 'Jones Jug' Match-Play trophy (If Anybody Does then please forward this and I shall put on here).

Our Winners Yesterday where Mr President and Ed Jones Sub, John Ashcroft with a Nett 68 - They beat James 'Black' Adler and Paul 'Laffy' Davis, who also had a Nett 68 - on a CPO. For those unaware of CPO's Foursomes Strokeplay - it is decided the same as Singles Strokeplay, whereby the Handicap is Halved for the Back 9 and taken off the Gross score for that total - So In respect of Dave / Johns Handicap - they had a combined of 15 and a Gross score of 39 on the back 9 - 39 minus 7.5 equals 31.5 - James and Laffy had a combined of 16 and a gross of 41 on the back 9 - 41 minus 8 = 33. In 3rd place on the day and worth a mention for their Gross of 71 (Combined of 2 - nett 69) where Richie and Nashy, great knock lads - 1 less Putt on the back 9 would have seen you win, as that would of made your Gross 32 minus 1 giving you 31 - Hope that was not the case!

2's paid £8 each - £4 per player.

All Pro Shop Accounts have been updated for 2's and winners - The Office will update your accounts if you wanted your winnings going there.

All Vouchers won yesterday can be placed on Either your Club Account or with the Pro.

Thanks go to DB and his team in what has been an horrendous Wet Winter - we are lucky we got 16 Weeks in to be honest. Tony and Debbie, Teja and all the Staff on the Bar for looking after us, and for the last few Weeks, John and Nikki - Good luck to you both for the future as well - Craig in the Shop for doing cards and sorting out the monies every week - Lesley in the office for helping with the accounting each and every week - and James Cordwell for his invaluable support doing the Handicaps every week (saved me a mountain of time) and to each and every one of you Stalwarts for braving the Wintery conditions each and every week, Thank you for your support, lets face it the WL won't happen if people don't play in it

Have a Great summers Golf - See you all again in October


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Final Week Results
Final League Table
Winter League Roll of Honour 2024
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