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15 May 2024

NWGMA Team Match - Week 1, Away at Ellesmere

Well, the North West Manchester Golf Association (NWMGA) Team matches got underway last night at Ellesmere, A place not many go and get results and after receiving notice of a couple of late withdrawals from the team, Kex and Gaz Hall promoted subs Ian Holt and Steve Hamer to the Team. There are 8 Singles matches in the NWMGA – of which there must be 4 players with a Playing Index of 9.0 and below – and 4 players with a Playing Index of 9.1 and above.

Match Report

Steve Tranter
Steve ‘Justin Moorhouse’ Tranter struck the first shot of the season in Match 1, unfortunately for Justin, and despite receiving 2 shots, his opponent Tony was the better player on the night, and Justin lost 3&2
- 🪓🪓🪓.
Andy Hall
Andy Hall played in match 2 and received just 1 Shot. However, he annihilated his opponent with a fantastic 8&6 Victory, Ensuring him 4 points in the Order of Merit (OOM) and a slot on next week's team.
Ross Speight
Ross Speight played in the Number 1 slot against young Ben Currie – with Ross getting 3 shots off his young opponent, but the lefty proved too strong for his younger opponent and came away with a Great 4&3 Win.
Ian Holt
Ian Holt – On his debut for the NWMGA Team - Well, where do you start with poor old Holty – He kept knocking on the door last year pleading for a game; Gaz and I just ignored him as we were quite happy with the squad we had – how we wish we had adopted the same attitude, he got 3 shots and took a battering 6&5 – mind you the lad he played hit a 3 wood off the 8th Hole, which stopped dead on landing, and he was scoped at 306 yards – poor old Holty was demoralised
- 🪓🪓🪓🪓🪓🪓.
Gaz Clarke
Gaz Clarke – Mr Matchplay himself getting 1 Shot – not tonight, probably had his mind on the Game at ‘White Hart Lane’ (I am old, OK) however, unlike his beloved City, Gaz lost 5&4
- 🪓🪓🪓🪓🪓
Colin Cosmo Stephenson
Cosmo left the first tee totally focused on the night's events, determined to win while getting two shots — and win he did as he brought home a fine 5&3 victory, bagging four points in the OOM and a guaranteed place in the team next week.
Steve Hamer
Steve ‘Hammertime’ Hamer – On his debut for the NWMGA team, getting 2 shots – he was a little nervous before the game, as we all would playing in such a great league for 2 Great Captains 😉- He was 3 down after 6 and looking a bit down, a quick word in his ear from yours truly and his game changed and he gradually improved to bring the game level after 16. On 17, he experienced mixed fortunes; whilst getting a flyer from the rough of over 200 yards, he landed on the gravel on the bridge over the ravine on 17 (for those that know it) only to find that even though his ball was on the Bridge, it was still deemed as being in the Hazard and had to be played as it lay, or take a penalty – Steve decided to play it as it lay, but it was always going to be difficult to advance it any further than 60 yards – unfortunately, he lost the hole to go one down. Still, he won the last to get a well-deserved half on his debut. Well done, Hammer.
Tony Parker
Tony ‘The Colonel’ Parker – On his debut for the NWMGA team, was last out and up against Ellesmere’s Team Captain Dean Osbourne – flat match, and despite being out there whilst the rest of the team was starving – The Colonel lost 4&2
- 🪓🪓🪓🪓

Final Result: Ellesmere 4.5—Bury 3.5. That is a great result away from home, and Gaz and I would like to thank all the lads for giving up their free time to represent not only the NWMGA team but also their conduct and etiquette while representing Bury GC at another Club.

Thanks for last night's support from Alan ‘Les’ Battersby – and the Returning Kev ‘The Machine’ Simmons.

The next game is at home to Stand GC – Wednesday 22nd May 4.30 tee time.

Attached Files

Order Of Merit - Week One
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