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16 May 2024

Golf Mates' Liam Harrison Visits Bury Golf Club and describes it as 'The Augusta Of The North'

Liam's comments are pretty fitting, as Bury Golf Club and Augusta National were designed by the same gentleman, Dr Alister Mackenzie!

Watch the video and see why Liam thinks our golf course is amazing.

The Golf Mates YouTube Channel

Channel History and Evolution

The Golf Mates channel has evolved significantly since its inception. Initially focused on course vlogs and equipment reviews, the channel has expanded to include various content, including instructional videos, challenges, and collaborations with other golfing personalities. This diverse content has helped the channel grow and attract a broader audience.

Popular Series and Segments

One key factor behind Golf Mates' success is its popular series and segments. From "Golf Course Vlogs" to "Equipment Reviews" and "Golfing Challenges," each series offers something unique and engaging for viewers. These segments provide entertainment, valuable insights, and tips that golfers can apply to their game.

Community and Viewer Engagement

A hallmark of the Golf Mates channel is its strong sense of community and viewer engagement. Liam regularly interacts with his audience through comments, social media, and live streams. This engagement helps build a sense of connection and belonging among viewers, who appreciate Liam's genuine interest in their experiences and feedback.

Visit the Golf Mates YouTube channel and subscribe here -

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